House Rules


Book at least 24 hours before check-in time.


Pay in cash or check. For short-stay guests, payment is through a bank deposit.

Terms for long-term leases

Terms will be stated in the contract.


Cancellation of bookings is handled on a case-to-case basis.

Check In

Check in anytime after 2:00 PM and check out by 10:00 AM. You may self check-in anytime. A staff is available 24/7 to attend to our guests.

All guests are required to submit a government-issued ID upon check-in. Children below 12 years old should be vouched for by their parents. If not accompanied by parents, an ID should be presented.

Guests’ visitors are required to register and leave a valid government ID with the reception or the guard. 

Only registered guests are allowed to enter and stay in the building after 10:30pm.  Guests whose visitors enter or stay beyond 10:30 PM will be required to pay an additional overnight fee for each visitor. 


Keycards issued to guests will access elevators as well as electricity power switch for each room.
Lost or damaged keycards should be reported to the reception right away for deactivation. New keycards may be issued under the following rates:  1st incident: PHP500.00; 2nd incident: PHP800.00; 3rd incident or more: PHP1200.00.


Please inform us beforehand if you need a parking space to make sure a slot is available.  A parking pass will be given to the guest. The number on the car pass represents the Unit the guest is in. This parking pass should be displayed at the driver’s windshield side at all times. Lost car pass will be charged PHP 200.00. Visitors of Apartelle guests are allowed to park for free for a maximum of 20 mins.  Beyond 30 mins, the apartelle guests will be charged an hourly parking rate of ₱10/hour.


We have small cooking appliances such as a microwave oven, rice cooker & an induction stove inside the unit for cooking.  However, heavy cooking (including cooking local delicacies like tuyo, tinapa, daing, and the like) and grilling are not allowed in the units as they may activate the smoke detectors.


Arcel Residences is a self-service apartelle.  This allows us to provide comforts of home at friendly rates. For a fee, we can provide cleaning and laundry services.  However, we encourage our guests to take advantage of LaundryMatic, a DIY and same day drop off laundry service at the ground floor.

Towels and bed linens:

Towels are provided based on the number of guests for a stay of less than a week.

For guests who will stay longer than a week, a second set towels and bed linens will be given so that guests could change their sheets at their convenience and have the other set washed at the laundrymat. 

Guests will be charged replacement fees for sheets/towels with difficult to remove stains or those that are extremely soiled.

Soap and Shampoo refills are available upon requests.

Cleaning materials (mop, broom and dustpan) are provided and stored at the balcony.

Cleaning during your stay can be requested for a fee.

Change of floor mats and kitchen towels are done every Saturday.  

Garbage Disposal

Guests are encouraged to segregate their trash and to put all their garbage in plastic bags before depositing them at the designated garbage space located at the ground floor. Trash are segregated into (1) Biodegradable and (2) Non-biodegradable. Composting bins are provided at the ground floor. All guests are enjoined to compost organic waste. Guests may bring out their garbage between 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM everyday.


  • No pets are allowed inside the units and within the premises.
  • No smoking in rooms and hallways. There is a designated smoking area on the ground floor of the building.
  • No parties or events inside the units or anywhere within the premises. No video sessions or drinking sprees allowed inside the units and anywhere within the premises.

Security deposit

Handle all properties with care such as furniture and fixtures, appliances, or any part of the property. You will be charged for any damage to property.

You must also acknowledge

  • Potential for noise such as from vehicles on the nearest main road and occasional ambulance siren coming from and going to the nearby hospital.
  • 24/7 surveillance or recording devices within the premises such as CCTV on hallways and common areas.